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Nov 28, 2009 10:00am EST
chief for "alternate." will also talk with a guest about the united states effort to resolve longstanding difference between israelis and palestinians. also note tim brown of the 9/11 network coalition. he will be here to talk was about the december 5 rally in new york against bernanke 9/11 suspects to a federal courthouse in lower manhattan. . . american icons, continues tonight at 8:00 p.m., with the history, art and architecture of the most symbolic structures, tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span and get your own copy of american icons, a three-disk set, $24.95. order on-line at now a look back at cuban missile crisis, with kennedy advisors ted sornson and carol kasem. from the kennedy library in boston, this is an hour and 15 minutes. this war policy was done in secret and steps were taken to deceive us by every means they could. they were planning in november to open to the world the fact that they had these missiles so close to the united states, not that they are with intending to fire them, because if they were going to get into a niewg clear struggle, th
Nov 29, 2009 11:30am EST
, john, because i don't think it will get through the united states senate. there's a reason for that, john. al gore's moment has come and gone. the truth is, they are changing the nile to climate change rather than global warming for a reason. for ten years, the earth has been cooling. 1998 or so was the hottest year. the polar bear population is doing fine. antarctica is growing, the ice cap is growing. the arctic ice cap has stopped shrinking. you look around the united states, you are having record cold trends. you have this tremendous real problem in the american economy as opposed toed mythical problem of global warming. for these reasons, john, i think it's not going to get through the senate. i think, as i say, al gore's moment has passed. this whole thing was a bit of a hoax designed to transfer power from individuals and wealth to governments and from governments to transnational, international corporations, global institutions. that time has come, and it has gone. >> eleanor? >> that was both a minority view and paranormic view that it's all a conspiracy to transfer power.
Nov 24, 2009 7:00pm EST
important to the united states? >>> india is going to be central to what we want to do in the world. >>> also, a disturbing new trend. police say they can't keep track of all of the registered sex offenders. there are just too many to keep an eye on. the internet provides easy prey. how can you keep your family safe? >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. at this hour, we're waiting for the prime minister of india, manmohan singh, to arrive at the white house. president obama and the first lady will pay invitation to the first dinner. the list includes hollywood stars and business chiefs. 320 people will gather under a white house tent in the south lawn. singer jennifer hudson will headline the event. the symphony orchestra and the marine band will also perform. earlier today, president obama met with the indian prime minister and called them natural allies. topping the topics, global warming and trade. president obama has promised to visit india next year. >>> now to president obama's big decision on the war in afghanistan. the president said today he plans on finishing the j
Nov 5, 2009 6:00am EST
that was licensed in the united states. we have done those things. we have shifted all the vaccine manufacturing to the extent we can to multi those virus first because there faster to fill, with leaving the rest of leftover for the single dose syringes. we have worked with them to shift everything they can do to get the vaccine out as fast as they possibly can. then we are tracking through the process step by step. to the degree that when a lot is ready to be released at a manufacturer, we have a truck waiting. it pulls up at the loading dock ready to accept that vaccine and bring it to the distribution sites. if we have been working through this every step of the process to get any delays out. that is what a sight visits have largely been about. >> a question about the contracts. [unintelligible] to produce this reject all under 51 million doses, kabbalah contracted the manufacturers to fill 117 million doses. why aren't they able to undo the full amount of doses -- able to do the full amount of doses? >> we need to make sure we have enough vaccine derived the time people want it and being ca
Nov 29, 2009 1:00pm EST
telling the president of the united states no, i don't even want olympia snowe, i'd want one republican supporting health care bill? >> the truth is -- i'm going to disagree right now. free enterprise does not work particularly well in health care and i will tell you why. the administration rate -- >> we don't have insurance companies competing across state lines 3 >> that's the worst thing you could do. >> are you kidding me? >> yes. i will explain why this is. in my state, everybody under 18 has health care. you cannot be refused by any insurance company, no matter what the reason is. everybody gets charged the same. you cannot charge a sick patient who is older more than 20% more than you can charge a young, healthy patient. that has been going on for 15 years. if you could let people buy insurance across state lines, you are making the texas health commissioner be my health commissioner. do you know what the insurance rate is in in texas? 25%. 22% of children have no health insurance in texas. i do not want health commissioner in texas to have anything to do with my health insurance
Nov 30, 2009 12:00pm EST
is the optimal solution to provide necessary medical treatment to everyone and the united states in a way that controls health care costs. pnhp doesn't, however, take a position on how congress members should vote on the legislation that is currently proceeding for congress. we do provide information to members about whether the legislation is likely to be ctive, and how icompes to a national single payer health care system. we joined the many health care reform advocates across the nation who are disappointed by the health insurance reform legislation that is passing through congress. we, like you, are seriously concerned by the health care environment in the united states. we are saddened by the number of people, our patience, family and friends who are donner and because they cannot receive or for access to health care. we are saddened by the number of people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure of their homes and those who are suffering needlessly because they cannot afford or have access to medical treatment. the anticipated a health care debate this year that would focus on the trees st
Nov 14, 2009 7:00am EST
as a citizen of the united states is just appalling. i think eric holder should have left them in guantanamo bay and be tried there. i lived in new york in 2000 and 2001. it was just terrible. for them to be tried in a federal court, it just speaks to this country to give people that do not ware uniforms, do not apply to the geneva convention to come to our country and then be given rights like a citizen. host: david, in this newspaper article, attorney general holder elected to proceed with the first u.s. criminal prosecution alleged to have been directly involved in the plot eight years ago that targeted the world trade center and pent he gone because of his full confidence in the successful outcome. tell us why you are not as convinced of the outcome? caller: i'm not confident because i believe that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. when you use water boarding and all these things they are trying to use against ournqq governmen why should a terrorist be given rights in our country. host: let's go to the democratic line. caller: i think they should be tried here. t
Nov 16, 2009 12:00pm EST
later, after the pentagon papers, erwin griswold, the solicitor general of the united states, who argued the pentagon papers case on behalf of the nixon administration, wrote a story for "the washington post" saying that in fact there was no national security issues whatsoever, and that he as a lawyer had to use every bit of ingenuity and creativity to even make an arguable case pits if anyone wants to read that, i am sure the attorneys in this room would. "the washington post, irwin griswald. you can check out on nexis lexus. no national security issues of all. >> pennsylvania is an elected state at the federal level, as far as appointments. but every once in awhile, it gets played out as to whether pennsylvania should go to some combination -- excuse me -- appointed intellect. i'm going to ask and academic, john, to talk first about that topic. where do you think it should wind up? should it stay the way it is? judges close to home like county judges, are they electable in the sense that people know that? where is it if you go statewide -- or is it if you go statewide? >> at the local
Nov 24, 2009 12:00pm EST
be a good idea to admit the deposed and ailing shah of iran, to the united states for medical treatment. well, two weeks later we found ourselves in the embassy behind a steel door on the second floor of the old chancellor ri, the dearly-beloved henderson high that some of you may remember. and on the other side banging on the, banging on the door were this group of unhappy, unhappy iranians. well, it befell to me to -- having made one of probably the worst decisions of my foreign service career -- to go out from that door, to go out from behind the door and attempt, and i use this word with some trepidation, to negotiate with this, with this crowd to see if there was something we could do. maybe we could get them out or at least delay them because what was very clear to us already was that there was, we were on our own. that if anything was going to be done, we had to do it. we had made calls to the iranian government at the time or at least what passed for the iranian government, something called the provisional government of iran. and it was very clear from that contact that there wa
Nov 3, 2009 6:00am EST
are destroying the economy of the united states. this election is going to be interesting to see just tell the public is feeling. host: which races are you watching? caller: it is a foregone conclusion that virginia and creigh deeds ran a terrible campaign. the new york 23rd is traditionally a republican district. it will almost certainly go republican. a democrat has not won since 1850. corzine is a wall streeter. host: you would not bit surprised if corzine loses? the president has been there five times to campaign for him? the >> people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. -- caller: people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. they're not happy with corzine's leadership. host: let's hear from a voter voting in today's new york city mayor's race. who are you going to vote for? caller: thompson. chost: why is that? caller: mayor bloomberg is for the rich. when i went downtown, all the buildings were nothing but luxury buildings. people are getting a rent increase every single year. in one of his commercials, he said that crime is down in new york city. he did not m
Nov 5, 2009 5:30pm EST
. he charged the united states with backtracking onts middle east policy and refusing to press israel to freeze selement building in the west bank. >>> more tnight on that ship carrying hundreds of tons of weapons that were ized off the coasof cyprus. israel claims the wpons were from in and were heed to hezbollah ghters in lebanon. today, isrli prime minister njamin netanyahu claimed tha iran's goal was to kill as man civilian as possible. for its part, hezbollah deni any connectionith the weapons. >>> weurn now to africa and a story that impressed us with its insights into at is going on somalia. we have reported the very tenuous political situation there, a weak government backed by the united states d an incrsingly violent islamic rebel movement, known as al sh what you are aut to ee will put the threat of those extremists in perspectiv and willhow why we all needo pay attention to somalia. in ra visit by western journalist, martin geisl went to the town of bos so noh of the capitagadishu. >> ts is a publichow of forcby al shabaab. these pictures filmed in the past f dys in mogi
Nov 23, 2009 11:35pm EST
're not big enough. this is a united states senator so even though we're friends, we're close, we're brothers in christ, we need power to confront this. senator tom coburn. the hit man. >> reporter: senator tom coburn of oklahoma is one of the most influential conservative voices in the united states senate and also a c street resident. marchton said on valentine's day the c street leadership and senator coburn helped him confronts senator ensign. >> tom really kind of takes the helm. >> reporter: so how angry is tom coburn at this point? >> oh, he's smoking. he's one upset man. and then john kind of breaks down a little bit. i don't know what to say. i made a mistake. i really screwed up. >> reporter: hampton provided us with this letter which he says the group of c street forced him to wright to sinsddy. i used you for my own pressure, he wrote. god never intendsed for us to do this. according to hampton, within hours, john ensign calls sinsddy. >> he is just lived. he made him write a letter, but it's not how i feel. doug has exposed me. as though somehow i'm the bad guy in this. >> report
Nov 24, 2009 6:00am EST
about climate change. where india and the united states are actually both having a little difficulty taming this issue domestically. we both had serious domestic problems with what we would like to do. >> reporter: and this visit comes just as president obama is completing his strategy on afghanistan and actually india plays a key role in that equation. the united states thinks that the animosity between india and pakistan is actually having a bad effect on the efforts in afghanistan with india more focused, sometimes, on the threat from pakistan than it is on the threat from the taliban. john? >> jill dougherty for us at the white house, thanks so much. >>> in the next hour and a half or next half hour, susan malveaux has a behind the scenes look at what it takes to throw a state dinner. wait until you hear about the guests that come to these dinners and leave with the silv silverware. >> nice and classy there. >>> a critical warning for new moms and dads. the consumer product safety commission is recalling 2.1 million cribs. this is the biggest crib recall in history. they're telli
FOX News
Nov 17, 2009 9:00pm EST
for president. >> well, here is the big question. do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that certainly isn't on my radar screen right now. but when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary events that have happened in my life, i am not one to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, if you will, my desire, is to help our country in whatever role that may be. and i cannot predict what that will be, what doors would be opened in the year 2012. >> we were talking, she used the word ambition. if she had said my ambition -- my passion or commitment it would have had a different reaction to people and they pay attention to that. sean: you're really good at what you do. you advise politicians and advise a lot of people in the public arena how to deal with the media. but maybe if she -- one of the things she talks about in the campaign is she couldn't be sarah. if she would have listened to you, and become the little contrived -- does she become a little canned, does she become a little -- >> she became contrived and canned because of what wa
Nov 19, 2009 6:00am EST
trafficking is actually done out of the prison system in the united states. particularly the california prison system. and he mentioned one prison, pelican bay, in specific. and then i came back, and i found that there are all these cell phones in prisons which enables a group, name live the mexican mafia, to essentially use cell phones to give directives right out of prisons on hits, on territories, on dealers, and i think this is a very serious thing. i've introduced legislation that would make cell phones contraband in federal prisons with possession punishable by up to an additional year in prison. what do you think of this? what are you doing? it is a real problem, mr. attorney general. >> it is a real problem, senator. i had experience with that when i was the united states attorney here in washington, d.c. rapel edmonds was convicted, sent to jail and continued to run his drug enterprise from prison, was convicted again for that. the maintenance of cell phones in prison, i think, is unacceptable and i think we have to find ways in which we conif i skate them. you're right, they ought to
Nov 24, 2009 6:00pm EST
president of the united states, not head of the republican party, she needs to broaden her coalition. the problem with that -- >> this country -- they might do it again. thank you ron brownstein, chris cilliz cillizza. join us tomorrow night at 5:00 eastern for more "hardball." time for "the ed show" with ed schultz zblrngs good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight from new york. one week from tonight the president of the united states is going to lay out his strategy for afghanistan. newspapers are reporting today that the president will add, here's the number, 34,000 additional troops over the next year. president obama gave a preview to this decision this afternoon. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> finish the job. make no mistake, this is just one more mess that president obama has to mop up after the bush administration. bush was the president who drained resources from afghanistan so we could go invade iraq on that perfect
Nov 9, 2009 12:00pm EST
full circle to what we're doing here today in this important g-8 in the capital of the united states. i feel that a failure to articulate a meaningful, a global jewish identity is the biggest threat currently facing the jewish people. [applause] i want to see our people united, joined by global destiny and mission. a small people, but one that is influential and critical to civilization. we are all here today because ugc, the jewish federations of north america, had created a remarkable network with another organization where we can have communications about identity globally and envision tomorrow and create a stronger jewish future. when we do we can deal with the gall stones -- lies and forgeries. i think in this city they are fond of the expression "yes, we can," but this will take board. do not let this be simply a place for schmooze and catch up with friends and colleagues. we have a larger agenda to address. we must be a think tank to create a vision of jewish people for this century. we're here to create a division. who could have imagined that the jew would one day run at one of
Nov 5, 2009 12:00pm EST
. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the -- the yeas are 233. the speaker pro tempore: the resolution is adopted. without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the speaker: the house -- the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk will read. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, madam. i have the honor to transmate here with a copy of a letter received from kathy mitchell, head of the elections commission of the california elections offer, and according to the returns of the special election on november 3, 2009, john garamendi was elected to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? one moment, please. clerk will resume. the clerk will resume. the clerk: indicating t
FOX News
Nov 18, 2009 12:03am EST
. >> here is the big question, do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that is not on my radar screen right now. when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary things in my life, i am not want to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be. i cannot predict what that will be. >> she used the word ambition. if she had said passion or commitment, it would have had a completely different reaction and people would pay attention to that. sean: you are really good at what you do. you advise people on how to deal with the media. this is one of the things she talks about in the campaign is that she could not be satirized. if she was to listen to you, that should become and little bit contrived, can't? >> she became contrived because of what was done to her. >sean: wasn't a that real what you just saw? >> people don't think about the power of a language that they use. people form immediate judgments based on a single word or phrase. sean: if i was giving you advice, i would say to pick out t
Nov 17, 2009 6:30pm EST
interference, if you will. >> reporter: unemployment in the united states is now more than 10%. the highest level since 1983. if you were president, what would you do about unemployment? >> i'd start cutting taxes and allowing our small businesses to keep more of what their earning, more of what they are producing, what they own and earn so they can start reinvesting in their businesses and expand and hire more people. not punishing them by forcing health care reform down their throats, by forcing an energy policy down their throats that ultimately will tax them more, and cost them more to stayn business. those are back asspa asswards w dealing with the economy. >> reporter: you have a way with words. you said to charlie gibson that there are places in alaska that you can see russia. do you feel that alaska's proximity to russia from whatever place you can see it, is significant foreign policy experience? >> it's very significant, and we are a gate keeper for the continent. so, for national security reasons and for energy independence and resource development reasons, alaska should be recog
Nov 20, 2009 2:00pm EST
them for karzai or is the united states sending these troops because of the united states' own security interests. if it's the united states' own security interests, which is the argument that the president makes, then the president is somewhat undercut his own leverage with karzai because his biggest argument to karzai is if you don't clean up the corruption, if you don't train the afghan troops, then the u.s. troops are leaving. and karzai can come back and say, and who does that hurt? >> david, let me ask you about the costs of the strategy. we assessed the financial costs of the troops and more troops, it is enormous. i was talking a few minutes to general mccaffrey on last hour and he said an honest accounting of strategy to succeed is $15,000 casualties in a five-year commitment. that's what it will take in order to be successful. if the president is willing to ask the american people for such a commitment, do you think the american people are willing to pay it? >> you have to remember at this point the united states is in year eight of this war, so if you took a strategy of five
Nov 1, 2009 7:00am EST
that whenever its firepower, the united states is impatient and will eventually go away. a visit to afghanistan reveals both sides of this complicated and ambitious strategy." we want to be more of your reaction to this story about king abdullah -- to this story about the withdrawal of abdullah abdullah. caller: this is a way for obama to disentangle himself from afghanistan under the pretense that we cannot further sacrifice troops in support of a government that is obviously corrupt. thank you. host: the secretary of state had the only response yesterday. israel put forth what the secretary called unprecedented concessions. netanyahu offered them in an effort to restart peace talks, a departure of the administration's earlier criticism of israel. meanwhile, the story this morning is inside a "the new york times." -- inside of "the new york times." "the secretary of state failed on saturday to slow down and not stopped the jewish construction of settlements on the west end. edward, good morning. caller: we need to enhance our relationships with all people. i think that obama should stand up an
Nov 29, 2009 7:00am EST
of the united states. isn't my secret service manual tells me to protect the president of the united states, and that was lyndon johnson. he says you stay with kennedy. i'm going to johnson. so he goes in -- is the first person to give a report to lyndon johnson. roberts has made up his mind that kennedy is dead and johnson is president. when he sees johnson that's not what he says that his first report to johnson he says i have seen the president went and i don't think he can survive. johnson says i need more information i want to hear from kenny o'donnell who was out, his chief of staff for the kennedy white house. he wants to hear from kellerman who was president kennedy's secret service agent. the emery roberts leads the room, he runs into lemma roberts who is another secret service agent. who had arrived at the hospital he ended the anything. he says have you seen -- what's the present condition? he says very matter-of-factly the president is dead. later, roberts called manchester and saint john's didn't know what i do, which is that kennedy was dead. inexpertly comes in its ellerman.
Nov 29, 2009 7:00pm EST
. you know, we all grow up under the smith that anyone can run and be president of the united states, right? this is the national lower. but if you try to beat anyone and you are not the party favorite of one of the two major parties, wrote to you. it is nearly impossible to run an effect did national presidential campaign out side of the two parties this time and that's because we have systemic barriers, and even if you have a supremely qualified candidates, even if you have popular support. we have systemic barriers that have made it difficult to compete. and there is no level playing field. so when jim bennett writes in his book, the system is rigged and nobody cares, i know what do he speaks. let's start with ballot access. well, actually let's start with the regulatory system. if you haven't had the pleasure of reading 11 cfr, the code of federal regulations for campaign finance, i suggest you do so. as one person i interviewed at the campaign election it was i said i am a lawyer, i'll be able to figure this out. and he said well know, it's really like asking a general practitio
Nov 1, 2009 11:00am EST
different thing. >> strategic question for the united states, which is, which is more important, the country with all of the oil, the country that was developing nuclear weapons or the country that just happened to host the senior leadership of al-qaeda on the day that 9/11 occurred? it seem as though we're putting a lot of effort into a place in the broader scheme of things shouldn't matter very much. >> the administration will say afghanistan doesn't matter but for the fact that it is next to pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons. it will have repercussions in a place you don't want repercussions. >> and money down the road, when they -- if we need to have them create their own security forces and their own sort of personal area of responsibility, we don't know whether they're going to have money to do that. they don't have economy to do that. doesn't look like there is a way for that to come. >> all right. guys, next we'll look at 2010 defense spending. you're watching this week in defense news. (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly... (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the
Nov 28, 2009 2:00am EST
bedfellows and ha -- it reversed to an old notion of the united states as the world's policeman and suggested the united states pursue the next advancement of civilization. george step nop louse speaking for then bill clinton argued they were hoe deep spending cuts. and alan trance tone -- they wanted to make sure the united states was the only main hoverageo on the world block, the global big enchilada. the following day tyler report that had bureaucratic tribal war fare had broken out. i'm shocked. say that senior white house and state department officials have harshly criticizeed the draft pentagon policy statement and one administration official was quoted as that in no way or shape represents u.s. policy. and lost in the swirl of all this was the very sinch fact that pete williams, the spokesman, pointed out or even very widely in the government, a lot of people are making comments about a document they never actually read. >> and bart gelman tried do a better job of seting the document in some context. but by and large first impressions are very hard to chape. hard to shape. and i think
Nov 26, 2009 12:00pm EST
. he was a fifth generation mary landrieu who served as a commanding general of the united states army for many years and was the first governor of louisiana territory in 1805. he became a secret agent of the spanish government in 1787, and was called agent number 13. he was a double agent over 30 years. general wilkinson died in mexico city in 1825 working for the mexican government. in the one short year that wilkinson was governor of louisiana territory in 1805, he created a lot of chaos over corrupt land deals. he was a co-conspirator with aaron burr in the 1806 attempt to invade mexico. but he betrayed burr and saved himself. at birth was indicted for treason and wilkinson narrowly escaped indictment. merriweather lewis was present at birth trial, for treason, after he returned from the expedition. lewis served as jefferson's eyes and ears at the trial and report back to him. windlass accepted the position of governor of louisiana territory, his first responsibility was to root out suspected burr writes from position of power and influence. ehrenberg brother-in-law, joseph brown,
Nov 15, 2009 4:00am EST
thing, is i want to center on what the producer in the united states can do in order to maintain his profit potential? okay? we'll be back with more "u.s. farm report" in just a moment. >>> round table guests this week, mike flores and greg hunt. two questions. let's talk about what is happened around the world that's going to affect our agriculture in the next year or two? greg, i'll start with you. want to take a couple of minutes on this, then get to what farmers here in the united states can do to maintain their profit. >> well, the bust driver in these markets is a weaker dollar. you can just see the overlays of many charts and see the correlations that are represented there through america now as a carriage trade along with japan. this money keeps being thrown at this market. we're most likely, though, not going to see some of the things i thought we'd see here a month and a half ago about realignments on index funds. that's up for grabs with position limits on crude and you're going to see really, at a point, the means of central banks around the world will probably do somethi
Nov 5, 2009 7:00pm EST
, a weak government backed by the united states and an increasingly violent islamic rebel movement, known as al shabaab. what you are about to see will put the threat of those extremists in perspective and will show why we all need to pay attention to somalia. in a rare visit by a western journalist, martin geisler went to the town of bosasso north of the capital mogadishu. >> this is a public show of force by al shabaab. these pictures filmed in the past few days in mogadishu were smuggled out to itv news. the radical islamist group now controls much of somalias. there's mounting concern they may be about to export their brand of terror. with the emergence of shabaab, a confct almost 20 years old has answered its most sinister chapter yet. somalia has been described as the new afghanistan, a breeding ground for extremism. the death toll mounts by the date. people live under the most brutal form of sharia law. we obtained these pictures of a group of young men who have each had a hand and foot caught off, accused of stealing. women accused of adultery are stoned to death in the streets. b
Nov 8, 2009 11:30am EST
in the united states. this idea that perhaps, especially in the military, that there may be many muslim members who serve honorably, but there may be some who have been radicalized when they like at the afghanistan and iraq wars as an intrusion into muslim land and may act out. there were warning flags about this guy all over the place. yes, the islamic garb, had given away his koran before he did this. the american society at large ought not to lose track of this -- >> on this same vain, clarence, was a man arrested in colorado for an attack? >> i'm not familiar with that case but i have been following this long before 9/11. i did reporting on the arab- american community in chicago and detroit. what is remarkable, the good news, john,that this is a very loyal community. our arab-american community and muslim communities both have been much more integrated into our society than the europeans had. you can ask any security experts. you don't have the alien nation that has generated the madrids and london and conflicts up in scandinavia. this is an isolated case. i think it's important to point
Nov 22, 2009 12:00pm EST
's income in the united states actually declined during the bush recovery. so our working families are trying to recover, not just from one recession but two. this is not just a short-term issue but about stimulus it's a long-term issue about where we are headed with this economy and i do think that we need to turn more of our attention to that. i think that we need to do much more to give small business access to loans again so they can start hiring again. we haven't done a good enough job at that. we really do need to turn our focus in a very meaningful way to mainstream. >> as you may say, he says "we" we're being polite. does the president's team need to did a better job? >> sure. i think that we all need to did a better job. i voted against the t.a.r.p. funding because i thought that we weren't holding the financial community accountable enough for how that money was being spent. so i think we've got to look now at what more we can do, both sherrod and michael made the point, we need make sure business gets access to credit. we need to have a manufacturing policy. we need to d
Nov 29, 2009 9:00am EST
a little bit about the united states signing the copenhagen document at the helsinki accords, which talks about political freedoms that require a clear separation between the state and political parties. yeah, right. and the signatories agreed to respect the right of citizens to seek a political or public office individually or as a representative political parties without discrimination. yeah, right. well, as i mentioned before, have hocrisy is not a serious problem when it comes to politics. and i would just know by the way that in iran in the last presidential election, they had some seven candidates and of course pointing a finger at us as the weight we do things. in my book i discuss in some detail the role of the third party and independent and a 2008 election. and more accurately, they're almost unfortunate non-role in that election. and i briefly surveyed how other developed countries hold elections that it's sufficient to say that edward parties are increasingly common part of the apparatus of the state through subsidies. however, ballot access laws are typically nowhere near as
Nov 29, 2009 8:00am EST
in europe, less popular in europe than it is in the united states. so that is a problem. >> peter bergen, we always appreciate having you and your expertise here with us. thank you, as always, and enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you, t.j.. >> and a reminder, president obama announcing his deployment of troops to afghanistan at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>> the 911 call reporting tiger woods' car accident to police could possibly be released today. but right now, woods and his wife, well, they just aren't talking. police have tried twice now to get their story and each time they've been sent away from his home. they're going to try again a third time today and our susan candiotti is in florida following the story. >> reporter: t.j. and brianna, good morning. florida highway patrol troopers say they're as surprised as anyone else why they haven't been able to hook up yet with tiger woods and his wife to take a statement after that traffic accident. they called it very unusual. the cracked up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods' cadillac suv. accident photos provided anonymously to
Nov 15, 2009 7:00am EST
tourism to his home state. the united states will host the apec summit in hawaii in 2011. president says he'll explore with the other leaders decked out in flowered shirts and grass skirts. >>> some guantanamo bay detainees could be transferred to this prison in northern illinois. two obama administration officials tell cnn they will visit the thompson correctional center tomorrow, 15 miles west of chicago. illinois governor designed the prison as state-of-the-art and virtually empty. the obama administration promised to close guantanamo by january 22nd, but it's having trouble meeting that deadline. >>> we now know after many months in office that there aren't nations out there who will take the 200 detainees or so left in guantanamo. so the idea of relocating these prisoners in the united states is a reality that the obama administration is confronting. >> a republican lawmaker from chicago is already saying that would invite terrorist attacks on illinois. and obama administration officials said the prison would be even more secure than the nation's only supermax prison. >>> police in
Nov 26, 2009 8:00pm EST
justice of the night of the of the united states. >> something different is going on here. you need to appreciate how important it is. >> this is the highest court in the land. the framers created it after studying a great lawmaker in history. >> one of these cases was very close. you cannot go here to make the law to decide who wants to win. we decide who wins under the law. >> who will be surprised by the high-level? >> why do we have a beautiful structure? it is to remind us that we have an important country. it is to remind the public of the important and centrality of the law. >> it amazes me and gives me faith in our country to know how much people trust the courts. >> i think the danger is sometimes the building things it is all about you. that is something that i do not think it works well. >> home to america's highest court. the role is to interpret the constitution of the united states. outside, almost daily expressions of protest are made by those of listing the courts except their case or role in their favor. there are private rooms seen by those that are there. it is th
Nov 23, 2009 8:30am EST
of the united states tomorrow. with that, thank you for being here. welcome to today. i hope you get a lot out of today. it's my pleasure, now, to introduce the first of two co-chairmen of the american council on renewable energy. john geeseman was the executive directer the beginning of his career, spence 19 years then in finance, came back as the commissioner of the california energy commission and is given credit for much of the policies of the state of california that's the lead of our country. please welcome, john geesman. [applause] >> i bring you greetings from the west coast. as historians look across the last several decades, our national energy policy they're likely to find common patterns no matter which party is in power. abdicated responsibilities, squandered opportunities, willful avoidance of unpleasant realities. recently, that's started to change. whether we recognize it or not, there is a race underway. most of the major economies of the world are striving to radically expand the size of their domestic renewable energy markets in order to gain competitive advantage in the gre
Nov 27, 2009 4:00pm EST
state dinner for the president. something they were she lighting as this relationship between the united states and india on a host of global issues, how critical this is, but the follow-up stories obviously after this was very little about the event itself and so much about this incident, and then, of course, the investigation and the big questions as to how this could happen and certainly this concern as well here at white house. i mean, this is a president -- all presidents obviously are targets. they are dangerous situations which have to be defused all the time, but in this particular case there are threats against this president. there's been a lot of concern about that, and so this just shows as one representative already talking about, here is someone who is a possible target by extremists and yet someone like this was able to slip into the white house, and so a lot of concerns here and certainly a distraction, something that they did not welcome at all. >> james, i assume that this really goes both ways. it's not just the obama administration. when i was covering president bush
Nov 22, 2009 9:00am EST
. you can imagine what lobby day looks like for oxygen in the united states congress. people come in and say, you should use this much oxygen at that price. it has nothing to do with patients, nothing to do with the quality of care or comparing a certain kind of treatment in one place to another. and i think if we can establish an infrastructure to really do that in a thoughtful way over time, not only can can we bend the cost curve, we can take the politics out of it and the quality of care will improve as well. >> i want to move on to some other issues. as a new senator that's on the ballot next year in a tough state, if you get to the final point and you are a critical vote for health care reform and every piece of evidence tells you, if you support that bill, you will lose your job, would you cast the vote and lose your job? >> yes. >> that tape will be held. i hate to tell you that, but that tape will be held. there's a lot of criticism this week. we saw unemployment in 29 states went up. in 29 states, the unemployment rate in step again. and there's been a lot of criticism o
Nov 22, 2009 11:30am EST
, mainly that? >> john, this is a horrible mistake by holder. if you try him in a civil court in the united states in a criminal trial, the very first question is, were his miranda rights vie lated if -- violated? they threatened to kill his family and water boarded him 87 times. you can get john mccain to say one question, do you consider water boarding torture, yes. was my client water boarded 187 times was he tortured? yes. khalid sheikh mohammed tortured said john mccain. risking this having thrown out of the court? i don't know, would you throw it out of the court? this is a war crime he committed, not a crime in the united states against individual flat americans. >> why is obama letting it go by? >> i don't think they thought this through. this is an attorney general that is familiar with courtroom procedures. and he is examing this. suggesting that there is evidence that has not been presented. actually, they admitted his guilt before he was water boarded. and why should we be afraid to put the american trial system the stpwhorld it speaks -- the world? it speaks well at us. they lo
Nov 5, 2009 5:00pm EST
're covering, mike, that a lot of the cases throughout the united states. i really do believe that something has to be done at the legislative process that mandates the judges to do something, tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences, because this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific ways, something has to be done. >> exactly. michelle, do we know -- a lady like this, who, again, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished. >> right. >> she was convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill a 6-year-old. was shimon torrid after that, after her 80-day sentence? >> that's one of the questions that i have right now and i'm waiting for investigators to call me back on, the ones in had south carolina, that is. the ones in florida i'm in touch with a lot but i think they're piecing it together. i know there is an investigator who drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago to be able to sit down with those investigators and put their note
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Nov 2, 2009 6:00am EST
the president of the united states. listen to this. >> i think he has got a five-minute career. he was in the senate for 150 days. he was a community organizer in chicago for how many number of years. he has no experience running anything. he is very young. i think he has an out-of-this world ego. very narcissistic and he is able to focus all attention on him all the time. that description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say is he immature, inexperienced and in over his head. steve: how does he really feel? brian: he voted john mccain. is he very crifl -- critical of john mccain. he voted for him. he talked about how president obama being's policies are effecting the economy. listen. >> i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has done to try to revitalize the private sector. they are destroying it i have to think it may be on purpose because this is just outrageous what is happening, daniel of liberty, attack on freedom. i mean, just a couple days ago they talked abou
Nov 25, 2009 6:00am EST
at home because the united states does not have diplomatic relations with iran, the swiss are acting as go-betweens in this particular case. the last visit was almost a month ago. what have you learned from those visits? >> well, we understand they're in physical good health. but we also are very pained to hear of their isolation and there must be an extremely difficult state of mind they're in because of this isolation. and we are hoping that the iranian authorities will show compassion and release our children as soon as possible. this has gone on way too long. it is just short of four months. i believe it's 117 days. and we cannot imagine why it is such a protracted detention. >> president ahmadinejad was in brazil earlier this week. on monday, he actually talked about this, saying it's up to the courts to decide the fate of your son and his two friends but that he hoped the verdict would be lenient. it's very similar language to that which he used in new york city at the united nations general assembly back in december, yet nothing has happened in terms of their release. do his words g
Nov 11, 2009 6:00am EST
, may god bless our soldiers, families, and the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman, the chief of staff of the army, general george casey. >> good afternoon. president and mrs. obama, governor perry, governor doyle, secretary gates, secretary shinseki, many distinguished members of congress from the state of texas and across the country, secretary of the army john mchugh, admiral and mrs. mcmullen, families and friends -- it is a tradition in our special operations units to go to the book of isaiah went eulogizing fallen comrades. proud of their willingness to accept any challenge for this country, at the funeral they read," then i heard the voice of the lord saying, "whom shall i send? and who will go for us? then i said," here i am, send me." this passage conveys the sentiment that applies to every member of our army. it gives voice to a spirit of service that lives in every soldier. it is a spirit we saw in the 30 soldiers who gave their lives here, men and women who believe in the values and ideals this country stands for and men and women who willi
Nov 26, 2009 7:00am EST
the united states. our field units are reporting to us 40% increase. 60% increase. and in some major markets, they're talking about 100% increase. >> major, what's the goal for the salvation army in terms of cash raising this year? i understand you can also use debit cards as well? >> we've gotten into the electronic age, that's for sure. the interesting thing about our national fund-raising is that it's not national. it really is local. and every local community across america sets their own goal based upon the needs of that community. last year we raised $130 million in those red kettles, and that was on the front edge of the recession. we had a full year impact, and we're fou wondering if we can equal that amount this year. we would be absolutely ecstatic if we could raise at least the $130 million that we raised a year ago. >> okay. it is a lofty goal. we certainly hope you meet it. major george hood with the salvation army. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >>> good news for unemployed americans looking for work this holiday. first time jobless claims are below 500,0
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
that there were ethnic groups in the united states who were in favor -- fell in the central european country in asia. domestic policy and domestic politics and preferences have an impact. one thing that is striking in my mind is the change from a small group that cares passionately about the issue. boston is the -- bosnia is the classic case. there were almost 10 congressmen and some people in the world who were very interested in an aggressive policy for bosnia. as soon as we had an aggressive policy, you realized there were a lot of people with good or bad reasons opposed to it and there was the classic day when the republican-controlled house of representatives during the coast of the war boded against a greater effort -- against the -- during the kosovo war and voted against a greater effort. >> we have about two more minutes. >> i defer to pull up on the question about promises broken. i was asked to go back and read memos. i essentially agree where philip came out. there's a danger here for the current administration to swallow this revisionist history that vladimir putin has conjured
Nov 1, 2009 11:30am EST
in the united states? >> basically, you have 10% are unemployed, 10% are underemployed. secondly, jon, during this past week, there's been another pullback in the market. i agree with clarence. i really fear and maybe it's because of instinct rather than the hard knowledge, that we're gonna have another plunge down -- >> maybe it's your portfolio that you're worried about. do you have a lot of money invested in the market? >> immense amounts. >> immense amounts? i thought it was gold. >> that's what saved me. >> but everything else went down. >> what's your point? >> the point,and i spoke with pearlstein about this. he believes that the market now is a bubble, 50% run up since march. that is a bubble in his judgment, and i think he's right. >> this number is positive as it is. whether or not we're gonna see a durable sustained recovery here. one of the ironies is you look at the movement on health care reform. these are actual job killers because the amount of tax increases, we're facing monumental tax increases to pay for all of this on small businesses, which are responsible for creating 7
Nov 14, 2009 2:00pm EST
, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> while in singapore, he plans to meet with the russian president as well. >>> there is strong reaction to bringing a 9/11 trial to new york city. there was a decision to be tried in civilian court. the suspects include cleed shake moham -- khalid sheikh mohammed. members are sharply divided over the prospect of a civilian trial. >> to bring it back here it is tasteless, insensitive and those scars which have never been healed are going be opened again. i am not comfort wbl this call. >> i think it speaks to the heart of who we are, not only as new yorkers but as american citizens. if a crime is committed on our oil, you will be given a trial, you will be given access to an attorney. >> it is not just the families of the 9/11 victims sharply divided over the idea of a civilian trial. some say it is dangerous because any evidence obtained against the defendant under duress cannot be used in trial. >> i do not understand why a war criminal should be able to have the sam
Nov 27, 2009 11:00am EST
, these are the companies with the most exposure to dubai or to the united states arab emirates. so they have been weaker tloit throughout the session. see how the spillover has been in u.s. banks. citi has 1.9 billion exposure to the united arab emirates, so it's under a little pressure. take a look at that five cent loss. not much. i want to end with one european bang we've been watching today. it's ing. one of the biggest losers on the new york stock exchange, but it's having a rights offering today. 7.5 billion. to help repay this to the government. take a look at this. the dow's down only 109 right now. >> certainly a lot of recovery. thank you very much. now, let's bring in david faber. interesting how the market has started to take a deep breath and the step back, but it's worthwhile to look at those dubai headlines again. >> more than 48 hours past since the news, dubai saying we want a standstill on our debt agreements, our ability to repay those maturities is in some doubt. let's take a look at the schedule we're talking about. the s&p well off its lows as you heard mary just say. our own marke
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